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    kokolee review from seller7 years ago

    Thanks for your purchase. Easy going n genuine buyer!

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    bezen review from seller7 years ago

    Genuine buyer. Response is prompt and can deal at my convenience. Good! 👍

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    sammiri review from buyer7 years ago

    Sold??? Really??? I didnt recived or heard any thing from tis seller. Seller kept quite till i asked and tats was mid Jan and was told i will recived it by end month. Tat order was place in Dec. And now Feb.. Just ordered 1 t-shirt. Didnt bother to even update about my order. Felt seems like seller thought we might for get bout the order. Ill change my view for this seller if\ when i recived my item... Wanna ran wif the $$ go ahead.. But dun make a mistake. Now its not about $$ anymore

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    wolfegang review from buyer9 years ago

    Great seller.. Thanks

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    elsuperman review from buyer9 years ago

    Fastest deal. Smooth and hassle free. Thanks for the deal bro. :) hope it deal again.