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Jakarta Selatan Β Β βˆ™Β Β  Joined 4y 3d


Very Responsive

Find us on instagram @Oyyamarket πŸ’β€β™€οΈPreloved Pribadi 🀝 Nego with logic πŸ’ New & Preloved πŸ’°BCA, MANDIRI, SHOPEEPAY πŸ’šTOKOPEDIA Ready Langsung Follow toko kita ya sis, barang preloved pribadi jual rugi tidak cari untung 😊



Β Β out of 5Β Β (35 Reviews)
  • urchoose βˆ™ 1 month ago

    selalu mantap transaksi sm seller ini. trusted seller πŸ™πŸ» Terimakasih banyak kk dapet bonus dan harga super murahπŸ’Ÿ

    AXIS-Y my axis y self care set

    Rp 110,000

  • ohan_store βˆ™ 2 months ago

    bagus bgt..suka. mksh kak..sukses dan sehat selalu...πŸ₯°πŸ‘

    Cek listing banyak barang baru

    Rp 250,000

  • taptutuknitwear βˆ™ 2 months ago


    Avoskin your skin bae serum YBS azeclair kombucha niacinamide

    Rp 85,000

  • little_stars122107 βˆ™ 2 months ago

    trusted seller fan barangnya jg masih sangat bagus πŸ‘

    Puma women jersey crop top mesh outer

    Rp 100,000

  • wiwidya βˆ™ 3 months ago

    trusted seller, fast and good response ramah dan sabar bgt , barangnya mulus dan bener2 authentic yg paling yahud dpt harga murah πŸ‘πŸ½. ty ya sist pasti jd langganan

    SOLD TOKOPEDIA Fendi montressor authentic grande nude pink mon tressor

    Rp 8,000,000

  • kaisudwi βˆ™ 3 months ago

    Seller responsive dan barang yg datang sesuai. very recommended πŸ‘

    Love bonito jacquard dress blue floral cut waist

    Rp 165,000

  • rahmayatinurkhalida2460 βˆ™ 3 months ago

    makasih mbaa barang nya Dateng hehe...semoga rezekinya lancar dan jualan nya lancar


    Rp 75,000

  • weepreloved βˆ™ 4 months ago

    Kakaknya baik bgt, pengiriman cepat, thanks ya kak

    H&M black floral knitted NBU

    Rp 65,000

  • ariestata βˆ™ 5 months ago

    thank sy ka utk keyboardnya, sehat dan sukses selalu .Amin πŸ™πŸ‘

    Keyboard Yamaha psr e253 (include kaki)

    Rp 700,000

  • urchoose βˆ™ 6 months ago

    like new banget, dapet zara cm 40rb dongπŸ₯Ί makaseh kk sayang β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

    Zara Beach tank top brukat

    Rp 40,000

  • kabehdidol29 βˆ™ 6 months ago

    tolong selesaikan refund atsnamaku yg Magenta,,katanya uda refund tapi uang ga masuk2..barang ga dikirim..para pembeli ati2 belanja dsini!!

    dress long dress cut off waist sexy slit

    Rp 125,000

    sevenincβˆ™ 4 months ago

    Silahkan cek review saya semua baik. Sengaja banget dia ngerusak reputasi toko. Belanja aja engga 🀣. Kalo β›”β›”β›” magenta_ykβ›”β›”β›” saya sudah refund, full refund, karena barang ada cacat. Anehnya dia sengaja jatohin reputasi toko saya. Dan ternyata si magenta alias LILI KURNIA ini punya 3 akun ⬇️ β›”β›”β›” kabehdidol29(buat nambahim review + jatohin toko orang), magenta_yk(buat belanja) dan chiczara_on (buat jualan)β›”β›”β›”

  • stewcollection βˆ™ 6 months ago

    Love the dress, thanks sista πŸ₯°

    dress long dress cut off waist sexy slit

    Rp 125,000

  • zaynmarc βˆ™ 6 months ago

    dress nya cantik harga nya so humble sama kaya owner nya dan fast response nuhun dera πŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈ

    Please cek listing banyak barang baru! πŸ’–

    Rp 350,000

  • garagegirlsoutfit βˆ™ 6 months ago

    lovely seller and fast response thank you ❀️

    Lylas lace brukat midi dress bodycon brokat

    Rp 150,000

  • stylish_workwear βˆ™ 6 months ago

    Items are excellent, an awesome and friendly seller. For sure will repurchase another pretty dresses πŸ’•

  • meymeyprelove βˆ™ 7 months ago

    good seller

    SALE ! Salvatore Ferragamo Wallet Authentic

    Rp 900,000

  • prelovedbydynn βˆ™ 9 months ago

    Bajunya masih oke dan bagus. Great seller to deal with! Thankyou

    Kemeja Putih sleveless

    Rp 25,000

  • ms.pratiwi βˆ™ 1 year ago

    Good seller, Good outfit. Thank you

  • urchoose βˆ™ 1 year ago

    sellernya ramah bgt, aku bayar ongkir jne eh taunya malah barangnya digojekin dan ongkirnya dibayarin.. makasihh yaa barangnya juga bagus bangett. recommended πŸ‘ŒπŸ’–

  • d4wny βˆ™ 1 year ago

    Very nice buyer! Fast and smooth transaction. Strongly recommended!