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  • minihauz 6 months ago

    Buyer wanted to buy 1 item then asked for item(s) from the listing to be given as free gift…. Most importantly, everything is first come first serve, definitely whoever makes the payment first will get the item… So don’t be surprised when item is sold while you’re still asking for more information…

    preloved.item77 6 months ago

    How can someone deal plus you already RESERVED it n doing the payment then out of sudden just because someone else offer a higher price you can cancel my deal , that’s the price that you just put it ? What a terrible seller ? HER WORDS ARE REALLY HARSH N RUDE ! What a shame !

  • farryyy 6 months ago

    easy to please and smooth deal. thank you for trusting ya :))

  • nohaf 6 months ago

    Tq adik..baik sangat org nya..respond pn cepat je..barang smua elok..semoga berjaya dlm mengejar cita-cita di dunia & akhirat

    Ipad Air 2 64 GB Wifi Cellular


  • angelovelight 7 months ago

    Thank you very much for your comment, your fast and decisive and easygoing. 😀

  • euniceleekaixinnn 7 months ago

    A terrible buyer, will give u a bad review if you can‘t give him what he wants

    preloved.item77 7 months ago

    This is SCAMMER BE ALERT with all the accounts that she interact with ! I offer him and pay with the carousell protection , but out of sudden he change the payment method from the listing then ask me to direct transfer with a big amount ? Then suddenly said carousell is not trusted ? 😂 . BE ALERT WITH THE SCAMMER TACTIC NOWADAYS !!!!

  • sudeki90 7 months ago

    Seller sgt baik n peramah. Got a great deal with him. Tq adik. Semoga dipermudahkan semua urusan. ☺️👍

    iPad Air 1 32 GB Wifi with Charger (Free Gift)


  • khor_yuan 7 months ago

    friendly and nice

  • topgadgetcollection 7 months ago

    Easy deal. Thank you buyer 🙏🏻

  • amazn2 7 months ago

    Easy to deal with. Very helpful.

  • justmyownthings 7 months ago

    Polite & Humble Man. Easy deal. Thank you so much for the worth buying item. Good luck on your path to become one of the great pilot!

    iPad Air 1 128 GB Wifi with Keyboard & Mouse


  • yannn.preloved 7 months ago

    Very friendly and humble buyer Recommended 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • jasoncyk 7 months ago

    fast deal and nice person to deal with

  • edwin_tan1234 7 months ago

    Amazing buyer trusted buyer

  • soopinn 7 months ago

    Serious buyer and fast payment. Recommended 👍👍👍

  • secky17 7 months ago

    Very easy to deal with and is very reasonable.

  • xavadi 7 months ago

    Reached deal very fast for buying iPad, done and delivered within few hours. Not too much negotiation. Paid through Carousell. 👍👍

  • amaddizzat 8 months ago

    Good and friendly buyer.. Recommended 👍🏻

  • nailezaini 8 months ago

    Barang sampai dgn selamat .. easy to deal... seller yng baik dan peramah👍🏼☺️

    iPad Pro 10.5” Wifi Cellular 64 GB + Apple Pencil


  • azukirishi_93 8 months ago

    Quick & easy to deal with..Seller was friendly.. I’m happy with the item..very recommended!!😻😻

    H&M T-shirt


  • aidil96_ 8 months ago

    Nice buyer easy to deal. Sangat peramah