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Felicia Dea




Jakarta Barat Β Β βˆ™Β Β  Joined 6y 20d


Very Responsive

Hi! welcome! Please take ur time to look around in my shop, I hope you'll find something that suits ur taste :D Our branded goods are ALL AUTHENTIC -No return -Fix price NO HIT & RUN would be nice Happy shopping!!



Β Β out of 5Β Β (14 Reviews)
  • dmosca βˆ™ 3 years ago

    Barangnya masih bagus sesuai deskripsi, kakaknya juga baik dan ramah.. Makasih kak πŸ™πŸ˜˜

  • sec0nd.better βˆ™ 3 years ago

    great seller!🌈✨✨

  • lemarijian βˆ™ 3 years ago

    Barangnya udah sampe ya. Tqu😁 Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Item delivered as described. Speedy replies. Thank you!

    feliciadsβˆ™ 3 years ago

    Thankyou for buying from me, It’s my pleasure πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»

  • erikrsln βˆ™ 4 years ago

    Good seller and fast responπŸ’— Like it!

  • jlacrs βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery!

  • treasurepleasure βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Ramah, very responsible, pengiriman cepat H+2 brg diterima dgn baik. Packing rapih, brg sesuai foto. Deal with a good price..I am satisfied customer. xoxo

    feliciadsβˆ™ 6 years ago

    thanks siss, see y next transaction 😬

  • dainacloset βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Barang nya udah sampai sis barang sesuai gambar/deskripsi, thank you yah ^^ makasih banget udah sabar banget nunggu aku, jarang loh ada seller kayak gini, tapi packaging nya bikin aku ngakak wkwkkw (bakmi mewah rasa ayam asli ) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    feliciadsβˆ™ 6 years ago

    hahahaha maaf lah sis, yg penting rapi ada kotaknyaa hehehe makasi yaa, ditunggu order selanjutnya :D

  • macchachi. βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Great buyer to deal with! Very decisive and friendly, hope to deal with u again dear :)

  • velinz_galery βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Penjual yang serius dan terpercaya! Terima kasih!

    feliciadsβˆ™ 6 years ago

    makasi siss, mampir lg yaaa :)

  • chestnutlover βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Great seller to deal with! Barangnya bagus bgt, diluar perkiraan, sesuai deskripsi :) mau lg beli disini brgny kaya baru hehehe

    feliciadsβˆ™ 6 years ago

    thanks a lottt, sering2 beli yaa :D

  • anitach βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Great seller to deal with! Koleksinya bagus2, foto barang sesuai aslinya, kualitasnya ternyata bagus bangett 😍

    feliciadsβˆ™ 6 years ago

    thankyouu :) silakan dilihat koleksi lainnyaa

  • jhieonlineshop βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Great seller! Easy to deal with. Love all d items i bought from her😍.

    feliciadsβˆ™ 6 years ago

    thankyou very much sis, i'm glad u like it :) see y in another transactions! hehehe

  • tripoint βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Item delivered as described

    feliciadsβˆ™ 6 years ago

    terimakasihh :)

  • potbunga βˆ™ 6 years ago

    Great seller to deal with!

    feliciadsβˆ™ 6 years ago

    terimakasih banyak sis :D