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De vintage elegance




Denpasar Β Β βˆ™Β Β  Joined 1y 4m


Very Responsive

Thrift boutique Harga tidak termasuk ongkir



Β Β out of 5Β Β (41 Reviews)
  • jazzi023 βˆ™ 8 days ago

    Very pleased to serve this customer. Fast and easy transaction. Thank you so much for your purchase! πŸ™πŸ»

  • bosboy βˆ™ 24 days ago

    terima kasih banyak kaa sudah belanja😘

  • bosboy βˆ™ 24 days ago

    terima kasih kaa sudah belanja

  • sastronot βˆ™ 1 month ago

    Barang sudah sy terima dgn baik πŸ™ terima kasih banyak ya

  • batsyeba βˆ™ 2 months ago

    buyer yg komunikatif Dan ramah. tidak PHP. seneng bgt dpt buyer seperti ini

  • hedonisme__ βˆ™ 2 months ago

    Sisnya ramah bangett, baik , friendlyy 🌟✨ mogaa ada yg cocok lagii aku πŸ₯Ίpengiriman juga cepettt

  • fashionstore27 βˆ™ 3 months ago

    Bagus banget celananya dan sellernya baik, love it😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Preloved branded UNIQLO hw jeans

    Rp 95,000

  • ittybittythriftyclub βˆ™ 3 months ago

    bagus bngttt, wangi bngt sisss omg, cantik no defect juga πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    Preloved ANNA SUI dress

    Rp 145,000

  • alanaadam βˆ™ 3 months ago

    Communicative seller, prompt delivery & items are authentic also pretty. Thanks sis. Semoga sehat selaluπŸ’•

    ZARA dress

    Rp 135,000

  • βˆ™ 3 months ago

    Transaksinya mulus,makasih beb 😘

  • dianamanalu βˆ™ 4 months ago

    Gak Neko-neko, langsung transfer. Keren!!

  • olga.denta βˆ™ 4 months ago


    MASSIMO DUTTI blousr

    Rp 90,000

  • audi.wira11 βˆ™ 5 months ago

    Thanks sis πŸ™

    TED BAKER blouse

    Rp 245,000

  • audi.wira11 βˆ™ 5 months ago

    Thanks sis,suka banget bajunya πŸ™

    ZARA dress

    Rp 140,000

  • audi.wira11 βˆ™ 5 months ago

    suka banget ,sukses ya selalu πŸ™

    Zara pants

    Rp 65,000

  • audi.wira11 βˆ™ 5 months ago

    Thanks πŸ™

    Preloved ZARA dreas

    Rp 130,000

  • doublevfashion βˆ™ 5 months ago

    good buyer thank you sist

  • kartika9preloved βˆ™ 5 months ago

    Great buyer to deal with. Thankyou for shopping 😊

  • audi.wira11 βˆ™ 5 months ago

    Thanks ya,bagus banget jaketnya πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ™

    ZARA DENIM jacket

    Rp 192,000

  • pmolshop βˆ™ 5 months ago

    nice buyer ❀ semoga selalu murah rezeki y ka