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🥇🥇🥇 Abang Zack Spiritual🤴🏅🏅🏆




Singapore   ∙   Joined 6y 10m


Very Responsive

‼️Well known in the community as Abg Zack‼️ 👍🤴 KHODAMIC/JINN STONES, PUSAKA AND MUSTIKA, AUTHENTIC SPIRITUAL ITEMS OF SOUTHEAST ASIA -Perobatan traditional, (Traditional Prayers and Rituals) -Specialise in Minyak Pengasih, Love Oils and Charms.



  out of 5  (806 Reviews)
  • w.e.s.t.s.i.d.e . review from seller 10 hours ago

    I was having alot of Problems in my Workplace due to my colleagues attitudes,i literally felt like resigning and giving God's grace i consulted Abang Zack and Guru for Guidence and Ritual, end results was Fantastic and heart contening, Abang Zack is a Good Brother and a Great Spiritual Advisor, Hope to get his Kodam items.Once again, my heartiest thanks to Abang Zack and Guru 🥰🥰🥰

    Powerful Khodam "Harimau" (Black Tiger) Exotic stone bracelet believed for high level protection, wealth fetching, authority, anti black magic/repel negative energy, charisma, success, bravery and valour! #ilmu khodam, Mustika, Authority Pengasih, Charm


  • al_shaz_sejati . review from seller 1 day ago (edited)

    Bought tambang liring months ago and until today, girls will look at me, most girls i talk to in real life will instantly like me, boys will respect me due to the very high authority energy of the TL asli (authentic) direct from Dalang Iderus. Gain all kinds of attraction you can think of from all directions include people approaching you and recently been promoted at work to become boss. Thx guru

  • mbahwuro . review from seller 3 days ago

    The Tambang Liring i bought from Abang Zack is extremely powerful . Extremely and Super High level pengasih and pelet effects. Super Large and Powerful Khodam arjuna and his wives . Seen them all in dreams giving me some “gifts” hehe . Experience lots of things too 🤭. Highly recommended to try and feel the power yourselves and see how jalan it is!. Thankss Abang Zack❤️

  • bushidoacademy . review from seller 5 days ago

    Just did DIY mandi bunga with Abang Zack and I feel highly revitalized. Could literally feel the energy flowing through my body and my aura. I feel lighter and more relaxed. The past few weeks has been very frustrating for me and I was just very tensed. Soon after the mandi bunga, all the heaviness vanished. I really needed this thank you so much bro for going all out for your supporters bro!🙏

  • bluedragonflames . review from seller 5 days ago

    Just had Mandi Bunga done with Bro Zack, and I am feeling so rejuvenated and energized. Past few weeks with work has been quite draining, and did this Mandi Bunga just at the right time with a new transition with work life. Looking forward to new opportunities after this. Thank you so much Bro for this! God bless!

  • JJJzzz1 . review from seller 7 days ago

    Bought this wealth takrut less than a week ago. Today received email, inviting me to attend interview. More good things to come! Feeling optimistic. Thank you Bang.

    💰 💯😈 Signature Wealth Fetching (Pelaris) Azimat Takrut, believed for tremendous increase in Wealth, Fortune, "Tarik Rezeki" And Success From All Directions. 😈 💯 💰 takrut, pelaris(fortune attraction), khodam, windfall, money attraction amulet


  • JJJzzz1 . review from seller 7 days ago

    Goes the extra mile and very accomodating. Just received the bangle. Can feel the energy as slightly light headed when initially handling the item. Looking forward to good things to come.

    Prosperity And Fortune Khodam King Jinn Dewa (Lord Kuberan's subordinate) Gelang Wood Bracelet, Read Description!


  • JJJzzz1 . review from seller 7 days ago

    very very helpful, patient and kind brother, despite my numerous questions. Very accomodating as well. Just did the Mandi today. Feel calm and relaxed.. looking forward to more good things! Thank you Bang

    ‼️🌹Mandi Bunga Keramat (Flower Bath) Holy Spiritual DIY Cleansing Ritual . #Attraction Beauty, Pengasih, Charm, Ilmu ghoib, Positive Energy, Healing, Aura, Charm, Mystical, Beauty, Khodam Empowerment


  • guadoaltaso . review from seller 8 days ago

    ⚡️❤️👍🏼🤲🏽☝🏽 "La Haula Wala quwatta illa billa "

    ❗ 🥚Real Khodamic Stone Energy "Egg Test" ❗🥚 #Stone, #Mustika, #Spiritual, #IlmuGhoib, #Pelaris, #Crystal, #Dukun, #GuruSpiritual, #Jinnstone, #Pengasihan, #TantricRitual, #Spell, #Vedic Astrology


  • NikoTV . review from seller 9 days ago

    Awesome brother to deal with! Delivery was fast and delivered on the same day! The energy force of the bracelet can be felt heavy after second of holding it at my palm and can feel ant like bite crawling through the hand that holding it!Highly recommended! 👍🏻👍🏻

    Powerful Khodam "Harimau" (Black Tiger) Exotic stone bracelet believed for high level protection, wealth fetching, authority, anti black magic/repel negative energy, charisma, success, bravery and valour! #ilmu khodam, Mustika, Authority Pengasih, Charm


    Pusaka.Sg Clock Icon 8 days ago

    Thanks for the support brother!

  • homecurator . review from seller 11 days ago

    He shared spiritual knowledge due to my circumstances at home which is an eye opener. I heed his advice in getting this Khodam for protection! Zack also offered to do a customised water to cleanse the house upon hearing what I’ve shared, to remove any negative things that came uninvited which I’m truly appreciative of. I’m really grateful that he is compassionate and advising me since the start!



  • homecurator . review from seller 11 days ago

    I seek Zack’s advice and recommendation as I was contemplating to get another Khodam. I raised my queries and issues before Zack recommended what is suitable for me. He also checks and ensure that all the Khodams I have are okay. I might be the first customer to get a Phra Ngan TL and Ring, I look forward to positive changes in my life!



  • guadoaltaso . review from seller 16 days ago

    Had mandi bunga service from bro. Alhamdulillah, felt lighter and more calm. Process were quite easy and hassle free. Afar method. Recommended for those who seek cleansing of aura. 👍🏼👍🏼🤲🏽

    ‼️🌹Mandi Bunga Keramat (Flower Bath) Holy Spiritual DIY Cleansing Ritual . #Attraction Beauty, Pengasih, Charm, Ilmu ghoib, Positive Energy, Healing, Aura, Charm, Mystical, Beauty, Khodam Empowerment


    Pusaka.Sg Clock Icon 16 days ago

    Thanks for the feedback bro. God bless

  • kannukan88 . review from seller 17 days ago

    Got another customised khodam ring from Abg Z. My life and financial situation have greatly improved ever since I got my first khodam ring. The only regret I have is not meeting Abg Z earlier. His professionalism and knowledge in spirituality is very deep and in-depth. He always makes sure that the items I get from him are suitable for me and my family. Thank you Abg Z. God bless you always.

  • mbahwuro . review from seller 18 days ago

    Abang Zack’s items are one of a kind!. Alhamdulilah things are definitely going my way!. In shaa Allah more things to come!!. Definitely highly recommended to all!✨

  • yuyuld . review from seller 19 days ago

    Abg Zack was really patient with me and during the whole transaction. It took me quite a while to see the results manifest. I had countless of job offers after getting this and syukur alhamdullilah, baru je dapat new offer under management and improves my long distance relationship alot! Don't doubt on it,get it, have some patience and watch the magic happen

    ‼️🔥Beautiful And Powerful Khodam Queen Dewi Sri Ratu Kidul Mustika Stone bracelet believed for tremendous wealth attraction, eye raising attraction pengasih/ charm, protection, opening of luck and all manners of obstacle clearing and spiritual abilities


    Pusaka.Sg Clock Icon 18 days ago

    Alhamdulilah. Super honest and direct feedback. Thanks once again sis!

  • al_shaz_sejati . review from seller 19 days ago (edited)

    Got a Khodam Initiation Done From Abang Zack Agn, I felt a sudden hotness in my body and felt some kind of energy entering my forehead and abg Zack taught me the proper method of upkeeping the khodam. Currently, I feel upgraded inner sensitivity too. Thx to abg Zack and his gurus for all they have done for me. Surely the no 1 authentic khodam seller on the market here.

  • kaysaven91 . review from seller 23 days ago

    Authentic, genuine and solid seller. Had came across many fake sellers and Abg Z is definitely different. His stuff is authentic and super jalan. Looking for professional spiritual items and healing? Abg Z is the person you have to look for. Thank you Abg Z for your advice and guidance. May god bless you abundantly. will definitely come back for more of your rings and healings. 🙏🙏🙏

  • debtfreesg . review from seller 24 days ago

    I received my parcel on Wednesday and I have been wearing it for 3 days. The outcome has been positive. My sales presentation has been smooth and I gotten a new job offer. The benefits I received is my sixth sense is strengthened as I began to notice my surrounding more clearly. After all, all these comes from the Almighty and your hard work.

    Khodam Dewi Bunian Fairy GemStone Mustika Wealth Fetching Bracelet(Gelang), believed to be used for immense wealth fetching, inviting opportunities and luck fortune, tremendous increase in charm/attraction and many more...


    Pusaka.Sg Clock Icon 24 days ago

    Thanks bro for the sincere feedback. May the almighty bless and raise u in rank. Ameen ya robbal alamin.

  • tehhaliapeng . review from seller 25 days ago

    extremely knowledgeable, really helpful guy. can see from his many reviews just how good Abang Zack is. dont just see at face value, do take the opportunity to meet and get his advice 🙏 😊

    ‼️🔥💯 Latest Khodam Stone Blessing And "Test Power" Video As Demonstrated By Our GURU SANTRI (ISLAMIC PESANTREN MASTER/TEACHER). VERSATILE ITEMS 4 ALL..Pm to Get Yours Now! #Spiritual, #ilmughoib, #javaneseilmu, #Jinn, #Kejawen, #Amulet, #Dukun, #Charm,


    Pusaka.Sg Clock Icon 24 days ago

    Thanks for all the support bro! God bless u