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Rp 5,580,000

TAURUS Qube-300 (BASS Head Amp)


Jakarta Utara



TAURUS Qube-300 Taurus Qube - 300 bass head is the smallest and the lightest bass amplifier in Taurus's amps line. The compact size of the head is attained by applying the newest, most advanced SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) power supply and Class D power amplifier in conjuction with classic analog preamp provide great efficency, power, dynamics and sound selectivity. As all Taurus amps, the Qube - 300 is very easy to operate. The MLO system equalization control achieves easy and intuitive tailored sound using only bass and treble potentiometers. This sound correction simplifies finding the right tone colour of the instrument. Power output: 300W RMS / 4ohm , 200W RMS / 8ohm Main Features: analog preamp / PA class-D / SMPS Inputs: passive & active Controls: - GAIN control - VOLUME control - BASS and TREBLE equalizer with "MLO system" (Middle-range Level Optimization). - Triple BASS-switch to reduce or boost low frequency [DBS-cut/OFF/DBS-boost] - Triple TREBLE-switch to reduce or boost high frequency [CUT/OFF/PRESENCE] - PUNCH button - increases sonic expression. Two different sound modes available Punch-1 and Punch-2 MLO EQ - TECH INFO: BASS: 40Hz +/-10dB @400Hz -/+4dB BASS Boost/Cut: 60Hz +/-6dB MIDDLE: 2kHz +7dB / 550Hz -7dB TREBLE: 6kHz +15dB / 8kHz -15dB, TREBLE Boost/Cut: 6kHz +8dB/-10dB PUNCH Low (A): 300Hz +6dB PUNCH High(B): 950Hz +6dB Other features: - MUTE button - CLIP indicator - Protections: short circuit, thermal overload, power overload - Forced cooling system - Casing dimensions: [H x W x D] 66x200x155mm - Overall dimensions: [H x W x D] 66x200x180mm - Weight: 1.7 kg Web: Video Demo:

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