(LTRL-TRL-ABC1) Letterland ABC with Audio CD inside! (Part 1 of Letterland ABC Trilogy Main Books)

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Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

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62 pages - Soft Cover - 26 x 22cm - Language: English - Published by Letterland UK - Estimasi berat: 500 grams This best-selling book is a much-loved publication and a perfect introduction to the Letterland characters. Children will enjoy meeting Annie Apple and all her friends as they look at the 26 beautifully illustrated scenes and listen to the accompanying stories. On each page there are lots of objects to discover beginning with the target sound, so there's plenty of opportunity for young learners to practise their growing phonics skills. Ideal for promoting phonemic awareness, developing vocabulary and teaching listening skills, the ABC Book is an essential addition to any child's bookshelf and to any classroom where phonics is part of the curriculum.

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