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Functionality In the center of the T1S is a large black bar. This actually lifts up to reveal a large clip. This clip is spring loaded and height adjustable. You can pull it apart, place your phone inside, and let it close around the phone. This allows the device to be mounted comfortably above the controller, turning it into the ultimate mobile gaming station. We were surprised how rigid this clip was. Even when moving the controller around (something thats unavoidable during intense game play), our phone was stable and remained in place. The clip is also quite large, allowing it to accommodate larger phones up to 6 inches. When you flip the clip up, youll see four LED lights and a button. This is designed to change the mode of the controller. Youve got X-input mode, Android mode, IOS mode, and Mouse emulation mode. Another key piece of functionality is the battery life. There is a lithium ion battery included, providing up to 30 hours of playtime. This can depend on your gaming style, but we play pretty aggressively and got about 24 hours out of it when using the wireless USB dongle, which uses a little more power than Bluetooth. The T1S has two motors installed in the palm rests, allowing it to vibrate quite aggressively. Weve used quite a few controllers that had disappointing response in our time, but we were happy to find that the feedback is equivalent to what youd get with an Xbox controller. 1. Dilengkapi dengan Bluetooth 4.0 koneksi dan disesuaikan built-in dudukan telepon yang kompatibel dengan smartphone 3,5 ~ 6 inci. 2. Sensitif dan akurasi tombol dan double getar, bermain game lebih terasa nyata. 3. LED power indikator dan dapat di cas &aplusmn; 18 jam. 4. Dukungan Multi-Platform: Android / Windows / PS3; Koneksi 2.4Ghz/Bluetooth 4.0/wired connection.

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