Esmod Editions: Guides de Textiles (Textile Guides)

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Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

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Esmod Editions: Guides des Textiles (Textile Guide) Publisher: ESMOD Author: Florence Ferrari Pages: 156 Choosing a material according to the garment you want to make is not an easy thing. Even professionals, fearing unpleasant surprises, are tempted to stick to what they know, at the risk of being closed to any innovation. Knowing how to anticipate what a fabric can offer requires, on the one hand, a good knowledge of the way it is made and, on the other hand, a pertinent analysis of the garment that one plans to make. It is from a user perspective that this guide has been designed. It proposes comparative experiments, tricks and technical explanations designed to help "creatives", professionals or amateurs, to better choose their materials, and to discover the possibilities offered by both classical fabrics and innovative textiles.

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