Collier's Encyclopedia With Bibliography And Indec - 24 Jilid (A-Z)

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Sinopsis: There is only one phonetic system which represents all the important sound in all the languages of the world. This system, which is used in Collier’s Encyclopedia, is the International Phonetic Alphabet, designed by the International Phonetic Association. This alphabet is generally recognized by competent authorities as the best means of conveying sounds in print. It is the best for three reasons. First, it is the most accurate, and it eliminates the ambiguities and inadequacies of previously existing systems. Second, it is the most comprehensive, since it represents the important sounds in all languages. Third, it is easy to learn; in fact, most of it is already familiar to anyone who can read, write, and speak English. Editorial Director: William D. Halsey Penerbit: Macmillan Educational Company Tahun Terbit: 1990 Berat: 41 kg Dimensi: 21,5 x 27,5 cm Jumlah Halaman: 15072 Bahasa: Inggris Kondisi: Baru  

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