BURN FOR BURN by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian (Novel)

Rp 75,000
Bandung, Indonesia

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- masih rapih seperti baru - disampul plastik - harga beli Rp 150,000 There are three girls that are very different from one another and will ultimately team together to seek revenge on some people who have done them wrong. First, there's Lillia and she is always in the shadow of her best friend and ultimate mean girl, Rennie. She's a bit of a follower and finds herself doing whatever Rennie wants. However, when it comes to her younger sister, she is protective of her, especially with guys taking advantage of her. Then there's Kat, Rennie's ex-best friend, and she is often mistreated by Rennie and the "popular group." Kat has had it and wants Rennie to pay, especially since they used to be such good friends as kids and Rennie has completely written her off. Lastly, there's Mary, who has returned to Jar Island after going through a rough childhood filled with bullying from one of the popular guys on the island. But she's back to the island and she's different now and wants to prove it. All three girls' paths intertwine while planning revenge on three people who have negatively impacted their lives. Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivan's Burn for Burn is an entertaining story about friendship and revenge.

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