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Buku Self Improvement Original By Robert W. Jacobs | Real Time Strategic Change

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1 week ago

Buku Second Original Kondisi Bagus, Mulus, Dan Sudah Disampul Sesuai Foto (Bahasa inggris) Penerbit : Berrett-Koehler Publishers Penulis : Robert W. Jacobs Tahun Cetak : 1997 Tebal : 335 halaman Minus : ada coretan di halaman paling belakang (di halaman kosong) My purposes in writing this book seem lofty to me, yet are ones for which have great passion. My first passion is to see organizations change thc thev change; to redefine wnat is considered normal, so thata decade. nOw real time strategic change nas become a common way of doing husiness for all organizations. Second, I have written this book to heln. arganizations, the people who work n them, and those who are served hem to more effectively and efficiently bring about change. Whether OLr Organization needs t achieve faster cycle times, cutting-edge innovarion, total quality, entry into new markets, a more empowering and rewarding work environment, expanded or reduced core competencies. growth, product diversity, or any number of other outcomes, real time strategic change supports you in making these changes faster and better than you may currently imagine possible. My third and final purpose in writing this book is to clearly describe the real time strategic change technology and the overall change process in which it is embedded so that vou can apply it in your own organization. I wrote this book as a practical, change step-by-step roadmap through an entire real time strategic change process. It is complete with conceptual frameworks, tools and techniques, roles key actors need to play, criteria by which custom applications can be developed and the principle-based practices and processes which form the foundation of this approach. You'll find within these pages a comprehensive description of a proven technology for achieving real timee strategic change. Happy Shopping 👍


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