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Rp 45,000

Bibit Benih Biji Tanaman Mix Lithops Bonsai Kaktus Succulent 1Bungkus 100pcs (Rp 45Rb)

Rp 45,000






3 months ago

Bibit Benih Biji Tanaman Mix Lithops Bonsai Kaktus Succulent 1Bungkus 100pcs (Rp 45Rb) 1set isi kurleb 1pcs Variant : mix sudah dicampur tdk bisa pilih2 Product Description Water- If your container has drainage holes, water thoroughly once a week during active growth period. If your container does not have drainage holes, water sparingly to moisten soil but be sure water does not pool up at the bottom of container which can cause rotting. Allow soil to dry between waterings. Light- Place plant in a brightly lit south facing window indoors or an area with bright, indirect light outdoors. Some plants can tolerate full sun, but must be gradually acclimated to prevent sunburn. If the light source is inadequate, etiolation will occur and your plant will become leggy as it stretches out towards a light source. Soil-Succulents like soil that is well aerated and fast draining. Perlite or pumice mixed with soil work well for this,or you can pick up succulent mix from your local nursery. as the seeds of the product belong to the same family, and the outward appearance of the seed is very similar;but they are actually not the same seed. #Bonsai #Plants #Seeds #Garden #Homedecor #Pottedplant

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@goodvibrationstore27 days ago

trankasinya menyenangkan, cepet tapi ga pushy. thank youu

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Rp 49,000

@puji1608_salim1 month ago

Tanamannya sudah tiba, tetap bagus , segar , packingnya kuat dan rapih , pengirmannya cepat , penjualnya baik dan ramah , thanks ya

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@goodvibrationstore1 month ago


Sekop 2Jenis + Garpu Kecil 1Set 3Pcs Peralatan Berkebun Bercocok Tanam

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Hi, is this still available?

Is the price negotiable?

Can I see more photos?