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Rp 408,000

46000 BE league of legends fresh unranked smurf account

Rp 408,000


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Singapore / Singapura / 新加坡 / சிங்கப்பூர் (Singapore)



2 months ago





⭐️Informations: Level: 30+ Rank: The account has never been ranked and has completely fresh MMR Server: Garena (SG/MY/ID) Email: Unverified Blue Essence: 45285 BE Honor level: 2 1-3 champions Lifetime Ban Warranty 500 to 1500 Orange Esscence 2-6 Random Skin shards Many other free upopen goodies guaranteed No Low Priority Highest Quality 🔥* 4-9 Orbs included (Lunar Beast 2021, Battle Queen 2020) 🔥We are known to have the highest and best record in selling accounts with the most orbs included. Our accounts are sold to many different countries (besides SG/MY/ID) and recognised internationally over different platforms to customers in India, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, USA , Russia, Vietnam, Philippines & Taiwan. We have 100% customer satisfaction ⭐️ over all platforms with a history of 0 bans. 🔥Many sellers can only promise you 0-1 orbs but to us, we always delicate ourselves to farming BE & orbs as priority and give the best to all our customers before selling the accounts away 🔥Did you know that 1 orbs is worth 250 RP 10 orbs + 1 orb is worth 2500 RP 🔥Thats right! Get more than 2500 RP worth of orbs included inside the account. 🔥You need to own 20 champions to be ranked ready (not counting the 1-3 champions own), The amount of BE you need to buy 20 champions: - 14 x 450 = 6300 - 6 x 1350= 8100 Total: 14,400 A spare of more than 19.6k+ to buy any other champions. Accepted Payment for SG: Banktransfer/Paynow/PayLah! Accepted payment for other countries: PayPal only 🔥Account will be delivered immediately upon transactions is confirm. 🔥Accounts sold will be first come first serve basis

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Joined 6 years ago
Very Responsive
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@gxzmo8 days ago

Quick and hassle free !!

50345 BE + 4 orbs Level 30 League of Legends Account unranked fresh smurf LoL account


@xiaominggggggggg10 days ago

Smooth dealing

Level 30 League of Legends unranked fresh smurf account information


@kushkush123abc10 days ago

very fast replies n reliable

40045 BE + 5 orbs League of Legends account fresh unranked LoL account level 30


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Hi, is this still available?

Is the price negotiable?

Can I see more photos?