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Jakarta Timur   ∙   Joined 4y 7m


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Im selling stuff if you happy then makes me happy too . enjoy :) Noted : untuk setiap brg dengan hrg di atas 1,5jt bisa cod berdasarkan appointment min H-1 sblm nya :) tq No refund no barter ya krn sdh dijelaskan 😊 Ps : BE A SMART BUYER! 🤘🏼



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  • ciel88 5 months ago

    good buyer fast payment thank you for shopping with me

  • captainwendyap 5 months ago

    Good buyer 👍🏽

  • devi2476 5 months ago

    pembeli yg baik

  • preloved_khanza 7 months ago

    thankyou 😍🥰

  • santa_carmine_jakarta 7 months ago

    Enjoy ya❤️❤️❤️makasih

  • santa_carmine_jakarta 7 months ago

    pilihan nya stylish buyer❤️❤️❤️

  • santa_carmine_jakarta 7 months ago

    makasih sudah belanja❤️❤️❤️

  • fiola_hesa 7 months ago

    Thanks say... good buyer 😊😘

  • prelovedbyden 7 months ago

    Great buyer to deal with! Transaksi cepat n fast respond juga. thankyou for shopping yaa 😊🙏♥️

  • prelovedbygloriaa 7 months ago

    thankyouu sis🥰

  • second.story 7 months ago

    🥰 Thank you so much sis

  • second.story 7 months ago

    Thank Youuu... 👍👍👍

  • second.story 7 months ago

    Thank you for stopping by and shopping with us. ditunggu next order👍

  • prelovedbygloriaa 8 months ago

    recommended buyer to deal with

  • joyabigail27 7 months ago

    great buyer to deal.. pembeli yg ramah dan ga neko" .. thx sis 😊🙏

  • caramel66 8 months ago

    Lovely buyer 😘 life only once take the best one forget the bad one focus for the future semangat ya sist 💪I know you can do it ♥️

    momaof.two 8 months ago

    Thank You syg buat doa nya 💕 doa yg terbaik buat km yaaaa.

  • prelovednai 8 months ago

    Thankyou kak🙏

  • prettythingsinside.jkt 8 months ago

    Thank You Sis for shopping. Serius buyer bgt ini sisnya. Transfer cepet pokoknya semua proses cepet. Sehat dan sukses selalu!

    momaof.two 8 months ago

    Amiiiinn Aminn... Thank you yaa doa yg sm sm buat km jg yaa 🙏 sukses terus

  • fannystuff 8 months ago

    Good buyer, transaksi Yang super cepat ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • nattbilaaa 8 months ago

    Sist nya baik banget!! Sabar bgt 💓💓 Trusted juga lagi!! Makasih banyak ya sist 💓💓