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Jakarta Timur   ∙   Joined 4y 4m


Very Responsive

Preloved mom and baby 👧🏻NETT Trusted 100%



  out of 5  (59 Reviews)
  • mitstuffs 25 days ago

    harga terjangkau, barang bagus banget, sellernya jg friendly. recommendedd 😁

  • adlinaseptyadini 1 month ago

    Thank you kaka

  • adlinaseptyadini 1 month ago

    Thank you kaka

  • adlinaseptyadini 1 month ago

    Terima kasih ya ka

  • tessa.jira 2 months ago

    Thank you for beinf such a nice loyal buyer siss❤ Stay blessed💞😘

  • prelovedbymargareths 3 months ago

    Thankyou for shopping! 🥰

  • enggar.januaar 4 months ago

    One off my best customers! fast payment, very polite and kind. good overall experience. super recommended!!! Thank You🙏🌸😍

  • nr_clothing 4 months ago

    Tks sis...semoga suka. God bless💖

  • enggar.januaar 4 months ago

    Thank you for ordering here, sis, and I hope you like it😍😍😍😘😘🙏

  • tessa.jira 4 months ago

    Thank you dear sis sudah berlangganan setia disini ❤🤗🙏

  • kireina.1 4 months ago

    sudah diterima, terima kasih banyak ✨

  • second.story 5 months ago

    pleasant transaction. makasi udh mampir sis.

  • almari.kayu 5 months ago

    A great buyer to deal with!✨✨

  • tessa.jira 5 months ago

    Thank you for always repurchase ya siss🤗🥰❤️🙏

  • mamakimi_declutters 6 months ago

    warm and pleasant customer, very recommended one 💕

  • queenieclosets 8 months ago

    ternyata ada noda dibaju yg tdk bs hilang

  • elviasumbayak 9 months ago

    Trusted buyer, thank you Sis...

  • safenbuy 10 months ago

    seller baikkk bgt...jawaban cepat..baju nyaaaaaaaa cantikkk bgt makasiiii bgt ya sis😘

  • m2u2m 11 months ago

    Great seller. Sabar, jujur, barang bagus, top! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • bringurclothes 12 months ago

    thank you sis