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hand-rooted with love




Singapore   ∙   Joined 1y 4m


Very Responsive

Gardening brings me joy and peace. Cuttings are well rooted before transplanting. It is time consuming yet rewarding. My plants are given tender loving care daily. They are fed with organic fertilisers only and are pesticides free.



  out of 5  (35 Reviews)
  • esyaqw 12 days ago

    Very helpful and friendly seller!

    Lemon plant


  • laysp 1 month ago

    Fast and decisive Friendly short chat

  • plantys 2 months ago

    Fantastic seller who shares tips on how to care for the plants sold❤️

    Lemon plant


  • gblnyl 2 months ago

    Amazing seller and one of the best experiences I had on Carousell. Seller is passionate about her plants and it shows in all her thoughtful advice. Thank you!

    Lemon plant


  • madabouttea 4 months ago

    Nice and friendly seller. v responsive.

    Pineapple mint


  • rainbowfamily 4 months ago

    Seller is very patience and detailed. Extremely detailed in the care steps and the symptoms to observe if some care steps are missing. Very useful for anyone who loves garden and loves to learn. Kudos for being a caring seller👏 Even has some Japanese melon seeds to share...thank you so much!

    Lemon plant (no pesticide, organic fertiliser, well rooted, edible)


  • markymarcus 4 months ago

    quick transaction! friendly and willing to share pointers! 🥰

    Mulberry Plant


  • m4calliope 5 months ago

    The purchase experience is very good and the plant came in great condition. Seller also communicated in detail on the care required for the plant.

  • zebe77 6 months ago

    Excellent healthy plant and friendly seller! Very helpful too! Value for money.. Hope to purchase from again!

    African Rhino horn banana plant (organic fertiliser, no pesticide, edible)


  • zanie98 8 months ago

    very easy going seller. willing to share experience. thank you!

    Pineapple mint


  • cff180220 8 months ago

    Seller is extremely friendly & helpful. V generous & patient in sharing on how to care for the plant. Thank you.

    Mulberry Plant (no pesticides, organic fertiliser, edibles)


  • odesset 9 months ago

    Seller is great to deal with and helpful ... highly recommended!

    Grape Plant


  • wanhsin 9 months ago

    seller was very friendly and helpful. the lemon plant was extremely well taken care of and I couldn't be more satisfied to bring the baby home!

    Lemon plant (organic fertiliser, pesticide-free)


  • jsthenerd 9 months ago

    Good seller. She even gave me free seeds.

    Strawberry mint (organic fertiliser, no pesticides, edibles)


  • jsthenerd 9 months ago

    Finally got the mint I want. Good purchase

    Organic Danish mint (no pesticides)


  • jsthenerd 9 months ago

    Got it from her again. Good purchase.

    Lemon plant


  • jsthenerd 9 months ago

    Great seller. She give a lot of good tips. The plants in good condition too

    Pineapple mint


  • vintrochic 9 months ago

    Very sincere buyer who is prompt in her communication and payment. Highly recommended

  • pebbles_c 10 months ago

    Sale went very smoothly and seller was very efficient! Beautiful plants too! Highly recommended!

    Pineapple mint


  • majidkunju5 11 months ago

    Very helpful and very friendly .Items purchased in good shape plus additional free gifts I am happy that I bought this